CAA’s First Beach Cleanup at Cowell Beach

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, CAA held its first beach cleanup, with the support, sponsorship, and presence of Big Pete’s Treats and CannaCruz, and with the help of a fleet of trusty, enthusiastic, and totally fun volunteers!

The group met in the parking lot at Cowell Beach at 11 AM, and for the next several hours in a pleasantly warm overcast setting scoured the beach from the furthest end of Cowell to the furthest end of Main Beach at the river mouth. Volunteers collected everything from a plastic Spiderman figure to approximately five hypodermic needles (only experienced beach cleaners handled and professionally disposed of the needles), and they disposed of many bags of trash.

After the cleanup, we socialized and posed for a few group shots.

CAA holds a monthly alternating cleanup or barbeque every 3rd Wednesday of each month, in addition to our public meetings at 7-9 PM every 1st Wednesday of each month at Louden Nelson Center at 301 Center Street in Downtown Santa Cruz.

The experience is rewarding and fun. It is also a great way to connect with a rich diversity of people genuinely interested in improving the environment in Santa Cruz, including our beaches, forests, and waterways, as well as improving the quality of life here.

Participating in the cleanups, barbeques, and monthly Louden Nelson Center meetings is also a great way to learn about cannabis patient rights and to stay current with rapidly moving cannabis legal developments in the county, state, and beyond.

Consider yourself invited! 🙂 Make sure you create an account on the CAA website, and follow us on social media. See you soon!