Santa Cruz County Cannabis Growers Survey

Will you help us get some real answers to the questions about how many local residents are growing cannabis in Santa Cruz County?

Santa Cruz Mountains for Sustainable Medical Cannabis (SCM²): is conducting a survey of cannabis growers in Santa Cruz County. The SCM² Cannabis Cultivation Survey 2016 will seek to provide data that policy makers can evaluate as they continue to develop a local licensing program expected to roll out in the next year.

Speculation varies wildly about the number and location of growers – both personal and commercial – as well as about the size of their crops. How many growers and grow sites there are in the County remains unknown.

The Board of Supervisors recently approved plans to license some small scale grow operations and regulations for larger operations are being contemplated. How many licenses will be issued will in some part be decided by how many growers currently operate in the County.

We need the cooperation of other advocacy groups, local dispensaries, vendors and media outlets to get this survey into the hands of as many local growers as possible.

The survey is available online by going to We also can provide paper copies for distribution and collection at local dispensaries, collectives or other sites where growers might frequent. It is a completely anonymous survey and can be completed in a few minutes.

You can also help by sharing this link: via email and social media. Responses are anonymous.

If you would be willing to share the paper survey with your clients – and collect responses please text, call or email Jim Coffis at 831-345-9643 jcoffis [at] Otherwise please do what you can to encourage anyone who might be growing or thinking about growing to go online and fill out the survey.


About Santa Cruz Mountains for Sustainable Medical Cannabis (SCM²):

SCM² was formed in 2014 by a group of Santa Cruz Mountain medical cannabis cultivators, processors, patients and supporters in order to share information about proposed changes to the County medical cannabis ordinances. They have held public meetings and forums to inform and gather information about medical cannabis cultivation policies, proposals and best practices. They played a key role in initiating the petition drive to overturn the Board of Supervisors ban on cultivation and they have a seat on the County Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee (C4).