Water Planning and Efficient Water Use During the Season

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We want to talk a bit about water planning and efficient water use during the season.

It’s clear spring is here. It is getting warm and early flowers are blooming. We’ve had lots of rain, especially recently. However, despite our heavy rains this winter, it is likely that the long term trend toward drought will continue.

It’s time for spring planning in order to assure a successful season. Thinking of growing from seed to get deep roots and strong plants? This year, as we always do, we are growing in the ground. Adding lots of compost and mulch to the growing beds to get them ready to plant.

And now is the time to get your water system and water plans in place.

Not many are thinking about water now, with all the recent heavy rains. There is water everywhere. However, weather experts all tell us our long term drought is likely to continue as a general trend even if we have occasional wetter years.

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Santa Cruz County Cannabis Growers Survey

Will you help us get some real answers to the questions about how many local residents are growing cannabis in Santa Cruz County?

Santa Cruz Mountains for Sustainable Medical Cannabis (SCM²): is conducting a survey of cannabis growers in Santa Cruz County. The SCM² Cannabis Cultivation Survey 2016 will seek to provide data that policy makers can evaluate as they continue to develop a local licensing program expected to roll out in the next year.

Speculation varies wildly about the number and location of growers – both personal and commercial – as well as about the size of their crops. How many growers and grow sites there are in the County remains unknown.

The Board of Supervisors recently approved plans to license some small scale grow operations and regulations for larger operations are being contemplated. How many licenses will be issued will in some part be decided by how many growers currently operate in the County.

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Politics of Pot Meeting Draws Large Crowd in Ben Lomond

By SLVNews.net

Cooperation, Collaboration and Community Action Favored By Most

As many as 200 people came out for a public meeting in Ben Lomond Wednesday night to share their opinions and learn about new and proposed regulations around medicinal cannabis particularly as they relate to the Santa Cruz Mountains and the County in general.

The meeting began with a presentation about the new California law “The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act” (MMRSA) from Santa Cruz attorney Sasha Brodsky and Monterey film maker and executive director of the Monterey NORML, Ryan Munevar.

A large graphic demonstrated the complexity of the new law; over a dozen types of licenses will be issued by the state, some as early as this spring*. A variety of different state agencies will play a role in creating the rules licensees will be subject to and a Chief of the new Bureau of Medical Marijuana is being sought who will coordinate the players with a goal to be up and running by no later than Jan 2018.

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CAA’s First Beach Cleanup at Cowell Beach

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, CAA held its first beach cleanup, with the support, sponsorship, and presence of Big Pete’s Treats and CannaCruz, and with the help of a fleet of trusty, enthusiastic, and totally fun volunteers!

The group met in the parking lot at Cowell Beach at 11 AM, and for the next several hours in a pleasantly warm overcast setting scoured the beach from the furthest end of Cowell to the furthest end of Main Beach at the river mouth. Volunteers collected everything from a plastic Spiderman figure to approximately five hypodermic needles (only experienced beach cleaners handled and professionally disposed of the needles), and they disposed of many bags of trash.

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The Cannabis Connection Radio Show Debuts on KSCO

Members of Responsible Cultivation Santa Cruz (RCSC) and Cannabis Advocates Alliance (CAA) have appeared over the last two weeks on AM Radio for the first two shows of a new program called The Cannabis Connection with host Christopher Carr. The show is broadcast live on Friday evenings, 8-9PM on KSCO 1080 AM. The first shows were produced on July 17th and July 24th.

Among other things, they speak about Santa Cruz community safety, protecting the local environment, patients’ rights and the importance of patient access, the importance of Prop 215 and collective rights, the small scale artisanal model, local cannabis regulations, state cannabis regulations, responsible cultivation practices, farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), beach cleanups, the Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee (CCCC) formed by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, the various cannabis advocacy groups in Santa Cruz that are part of the CCCC, Santa Cruz cannabis history, Santa Cruz as a cutting-edge county and culture in regards to cannabis, California as a cutting-edge state in regards to cannabis, the need for reasonable and environmentally and communally responsible cannabis regulations, the local raids, getting involved in cannabis legislation and activism, and so much more.

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